The Opposite

Write down at least 5 options to apply your strengths to work. At Rio- Tinto Group you will find additional information. I think that my personal example will help you better understand this issue. I always liked to do self-development, to reflect, analyze, and help others. My strengths: good sense of people and their needs, well-developed imagination, excellent prepodnoshu information. After analyzing this information, you can compile a list of eligible professions: teacher, business coach, psychologist, coach. So, you’ve recorded 5 options to apply your talents into practice. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust contains valuable tech resources.

Think about which option to work (maybe 2 or 3 variants) you consider the most realistic and inspiring. Write down this version: What do you think you could become the best specialist in this field? If not, why not? If you do things that get you better than others, you will never worry about the problem of competition. Now imagine that you have a very, very much money. You have visited all the countries of the world, you have everything you want, you have tried all possible entertainment. What will You do now? Not for money but for the soul? Write down at least 5 options. What prevents you from doing this today, or at least begin to move toward these goals? Does your recorded here work with the selected option before you in your work? If not, why not? Only moving in the right direction and doing your favorite activity, you will always be full of energy and inspiration that will have fun and enjoyment of life. And defining its calling and moving in this direction, you just doom yourself to prosperity and abundance. Why, you ask? And to some, for example, a hairdresser you would love gone? In addition, who sits out at work from 9 to 18, hates his job and wants only one thing that now have less customers and work accordingly. Who curses the day he picked up a pair of scissors and decided to first haircut. Or you go to this barber, who only lives the world hairstyles are constantly talking about it, loves his job and is really professional in their field, which monitors fashion trends and all his soul is investing in the work. How do you think a barber would be more customers and therefore more revenue? You do not have to deal with your chosen business all your life. For example, if you decide to do landscape design, then it is likely that some time you open your salon exotic flowers, and then maybe you decide to write several books about flowers and landscaping. And maybe you will do all up, and benefit from this great pleasure. But in any case, you will develop in the right direction. Think about whether you want to develop in the direction where you work now? If not, then why are you wasting your precious time to move in the opposite direction from your happiness and success of the party? Would be some kind of Oprah, in this case? Start making yourself happy today!

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