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But greater care of those presented as option must be more economic, more cheap, the fair price, because that is the way to fall thousands of fools looking for prices of gift, to buy goods that cost in the market a lot more than what the offer says. A crook of Lambayeque purchase photocopies to 15 soles and without giving any added value, resells them to the three times its price and something more. Resells courses at distance, in bond paper, photocopies and hundreds of fools in that part of the country, buy you your services thinking that he is a very honest person, the price fair, not knowing that it is not more than a vulgar reseller, thief and very fine in their dealings. In a country where people don’t like to read, you have reading comprehension problems, resell copies of courses, fuzzy, white and black, without almost any illustration, is just to do a pingue business with people, that the end does not learn anything, because not even read them. Others more astute put notices like the Lambayeque in the network, offering lots of land free of charge, receiving thousands of messages asking for reports.

Replied by saying that only need a small payment by paperwork of formalization of their lot, ask 120 Suns, 30 EUR, as a one-time fee to give land of 400 square meters, which is not more than a hoax, because nor on the site more atorrante of Peru cuesta terrain 120 soles, 30 euros. But the people in Peru, scarce in culture, of very low intellectual level, which is the great most, it excites, it believes in these scammers that offer bargains, price of gift land to gain access to their own homes. Because this informed, be careful and don’t be fooled by criminals, fraudsters and profiteers of the internet network. Sonria, don’t buy garbage and be happy. Original author and source of the article.

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