Tour Operator Engedras

Future developments of the tour operator Engedras, young tour operator in sardines of Engedras tour operator, owner of the tourist portal of Sardinia and Sicily, born 2005kommt now for the third season, became an important reality in the tourist panorama of Sardinia. The group, which consisted from 3 employees at the beginning, over 18 under Angestellsten (14 total, 11 are now has women) and employees (4). The number of women is 75%. Multilingual booking staff, technical and marketing staff consist of people of about 30 years and only one person is a foreigner among the others, who all come from Sardinia. The numbers are very interesting: 1,000,000 visitors to in 2008, 200,000 to in 2008. Jeffrey Hayzlett has firm opinions on the matter. The Umstatz is tenfold in three years. If you are not convinced, visit Darius Bikoff.

The proposal covers Sardinia and Sicily all types of equipment in the entire region, and offers other services (ferries, airplanes, transfers, excursions at sea and on the land, etc.). Holiday villages, hotels, popular hotels, Residences, farmhouses, B & B and a wide range of Ferienauser in Sardinia, luxury, with pool, Lake or inland. The portal about Sardinia offers the possibility of very interesting information about nature, archaeology and history, museums, craft, cities and villages, food and wine, sea, rivers and lakes, sport, to find traditions. A large part, which is constantly being updated, is for events such as festivals and Holy feasts. There are useful information for your stay uberschau, traffic, FAQ, and many others, like the weather. The portal will have this info on Sicily in the future. In Sardinia, in 2008, stays in 470 facilities in 100 municipalities have been sold.

Since the portal about Sicily is at the beginning of stays were in 64 plants in 32 communities. During this season the same successful model was used from Sardinia to Sicily, and in 2009, the portal of the Puglia will be enabled. The medium-term objective of the tour operator is to a specialized Anhlaltspunkt on the Internet for the Tuourismus in the whole Italy. In 2009, a new portal will be activated, specializing in luxury facilities in Sardinia: as always on Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, and this time also in Russian.

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