Training unfamiliar word to our grandmothers. But now you can "otreningovat" all. And because of my subconscious and intuition, and develop memory! You can learn how to improve sales, and how to manage the enterprise, and how to fully relax! How to build a harmonious career, to prepare the land, to open their business, to understand the painting, to invest $ 1000 or preserve youthfulness of skin. A new way of life for people who are addicted to self-education and useful for leisure. This is training. They are likely to spend large companies for their employees. It creates the entire projects of corporate training for companies adapting to the specific business and corporate culture.

There are entire corporate universities. Some purposefully sent whole departments for study. Any master class can become part of corporate activities and a good gift for the holiday for clients or promotion of the most successful employees. Trainings are divided into short and prolonged. The first lasts 1-2 days, and the latter 3-5 days. There are separate training programs, there is a system of long-term training (corporate universities). Gradually, more and more becoming private visits to the training.

There is one thing. Training is an expensive pleasure. Approximately 10 thousand rubles a day. Of course, there are cheaper and more expensive options. Nevertheless, demand for such services from year to year increases. The fact that neither in school nor in the institutions, so fast, I wonder, is available not tell you what you need to succeed. Especially since many educational training programs do not even have a list of objects of the university. Or they are from completely different professions. For example, training sessions are taught the art of rhetoric, to act in any situation for any audience. This compound actor and modern psychological techniques and methods. The ability to be interesting, compelling and expressive. Improvement and development of techniques of successful presentations and communicating with the public in practice. Is this taught in technical college?

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