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A study indicates that 93% of the internauts think that an infected computer would detect easily because it would begin to work badly. Also one thinks that the electronic mail is the main one via of contagion and that the pornographic Webs are most dangerous. RioCan : the source for more info. Five erroneous myths on security in the network persist mainly of the internauts, like, for example, to think that an infected computer would detect easily because would be blocked absolutely, would work more slowly and would create emergent windows indiscriminately, reveals a study. To thus it thinks 93% it of the survey internauts, although the reality is totally the opposite, indicates the study published by the company of solutions of security G Data, titleholder " How perceive the users the dangers of Internet? ". If you would like to know more then you should visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. The sounding, realised in eleven countries, among them great of Europe besides the United States and Russia, with data of almost 15,560 internauts of ages between the 18 and 65 years, emphasizes that the hackers they look for to happen unnoticed in its attacks, thus to achieve better its objectives.

The five myths would be the following: It is easy to detect an infected computer. The electronic mail is the main one via of contagion. The computer only with visiting a page cannot be infected Web. Ls ace platforms of interchange of archives are the great diffusers of malware. The pornographic pages are most dangerous. According to the handled data, only 7% of the internauts think that it would not perceive anything strange in case its computer was contaminated; and that is indeed what happens normally. Nowadays true the hackers are " profesionales" that they try to happen unnoticed to take control of succulent booties, like the obtaining of personal data to benefit in the black markets of Internet. On the other hand, in agreement with the numbers, 54% of the interviewed people (58% in the case of the Spanish internauts) sustain the idea erroneously to think that the electronic mail is the main one via of entrance of malware.

Nevertheless, according to the study, this system of infection is old fashioned and at the moment the ciberdelincuentes resort to others to arrive at their victims, mainly the social networks and the manipulation of Web sites. On the other hand, around half of the survey ones they ignore the possibility of being infected only with visiting a page Web, through the denominated quiet unloadings (drive-by-download). 37% consider the pages pornographic more dangerous than the rest, but the reality is the opposite, since the maintenance and the security of this sector, that generates so many benefits, usually are in charge to true computer science professionals. Source of the news: Five erroneous myths on security that persist between the users of Internet

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