Wolfgang Bergmann

The United States, and also Germany and others- nationalized and it shored up banks, like in communism – with incredible amounts and all around the world. Would have been at this moment the people to their banks to clear their accounts, the disaster would have been perfect and the last Bank would have made bankrupt. That total, money-based economic system, would be collapsed. It was the birth of the world financial crisis in 2008. The public debt rose to skyrocket and it is until today a secret who has caused this financial mess and it is until today a mystery, as it was still possible at this moment to pump fresh money into the financial industry. Despite all these contradictions with imaginary billions in addition to borrowing Nations, by these billions as debt were realized when donors who didn’t actually own more and central banks have been concern that this General emptiness was filled again with interest-free loans to the lenders (creditors of the Nations) and banks. The dudes are the citizens, with their Assets and income guarantee for a burst bubble, which was again filled with their pledge and their money.

A burst bubble is fixed by another, our bubble, the national debt. Through equity debt, in the form of mismanagement in appearance beaten bust banks were saved and go, as eh and per, good cheer on their fateful shops after and construct new bubbles that we may sooner or later refill. The Nations drove container of money that they themselves did not have the causes of the crisis, the banks, which promptly turned it in the form of government bonds at the expense of the peoples. Anyone who has some of such bonds and in the enjoyment of which is interest can consider himself lucky, because all vouch for him, even he himself. This is economics at its best. Government debt, where nobody knows how you can permanently serve them were what remained of the crisis ultimately and that’s where the problem lies. To ensure the servicing of this debt, the concerned must Nations cut their budgets to prosper or ruin.

And the people seem no longer agree with this drastic, just internationally, quite especially wildly running in Europe – and begin to comprehend. The world financial crisis has catered for additional reflection and spread uncertainty scared especially the good citizens with its 10 euros on the bench and awakened at the same time. Now look down and try the politician who are trusted not to oppose and which, it is increasingly difficult to lull those people. If you still believe the Germany economy Minister with his wage boost phrase? It is irrelevant – the next bubble, where one already busily builds, so or bursting, because the shell money of speculators and bubbles Bauer, is too thin.Possibly it is not before the crisis in the profit investigation and balance sheets, but in reality it is not present at all. Yes, we have just seen and paid. A large, social meeting of the spirit, of reason and Intelligence expertise is what needs the current present, humanity and our world. A global solution to all problems must be sought, because only around the world can succeed in 2010, a new world and world order in democracy and peace for all people, Nations and cultures. A download approach: “www.weltversorgungsgesellschaft.de”. Wolfgang Bergmann

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