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One justifies that the present intitled work: ‘ ‘ The population of the industrial Quarter: Challenges of the Past and the Gift, ‘ ‘ research that shows the importance of the sprouting of the Quarter due to installation of industries, habitacionais construction of the village of the laborers and sets, foundation of the soccer field Confidence and areas of leisure. Also in virtue of the proximity of the center of Aracaju and to the sectorial market, sheltering families of purchasing power of the time of the zone north in question. Having a commercial growth of the horizontal population of housings and points, causing problematic excellent in this area and forgetting themselves to grow in the vertical area of Industrial. One is about a descriptive research using itself of bibliographical studies, having as objective to know as if he gave the sprouting, growth, decay or stagnation and currently the population of the Industrial. You analyze them demographic that they are being made are essential to the study of the problems of the economic development of the capital. FINAL CONSIDERAES Considering the relevance of the population geographic space, we evidence with this Work of Conclusion of Course that the challenges perfazem a long current description and, since the beginning of the foundation of the Industrial quarter and the installation of the txteis industries that are inserted in the context of our research. Telling the importance of the plants for the economic and social development of Aracaju since end of century XIX, as the same ones had changed the urban scene of that region north.

Where he transformed the nature into great constructions of habitacionais sets and land divisions in the decades of 70 and 80. 5 REFERENCES BARRETO, Luiz Antonio. Interview carried through in 22/11/2010. OAK, J. THE M., SAWYER, D. ., RODRIGUES, R.N. Introduction to some basic concepts and measures in demography.

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