World Health Organization

All this month, with its main day on May 19 celebrates the struggle of humanity against hepatitis virus B and C, both are a global health problem of epidemic proportions, the Assembly of the World Health Organization-WHO- discussed these days can put up to the AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and then huge changes would occur in each of the 192 countries that make up this body to prevent and combat corruption. Meanwhile, these Virus cursed, still crossing the blood of infected hepatocytes shamelessly destroying and weakening the body’s metabolic power. Continue pumping the portal vein and its tributaries, staining of skin and mucosal jaundice still filled the abdomen ascites and intoxicating brain waste are still filling the Tombs of victims. Damn!, Are invisible, measured on average about 45 nm (20 times smaller than the microscopic bacteria) and some barely reach 10 nm, the scientific community and discusses whether these viruses are alive or Poisons molecules, since hardly visualized with Ultra scanning microscope with atomic force. Galileo Galilei and Jansen had been repeated shocked “Omme vivo ex vivo, these beings come from Hell, centuries have been searched with torches in the dark until Hougthon and Bradley were caught hiding in the nuclei of hepatocytes in 1989. Damn Virus!, Entering as a Blood gang or professional gangs, spreading terror, run through the Human Body hidden in the plasma up to 5 times per minute to 120 km per hour, looking to climb the hepatocyte with their claws or spicules, where .

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