American Language

There was no uniformity and standards in written language. Years passed, and passed the century, and later arriving immigrants made their changes in vocabulary, phonetics and grammar of the language – for XVIII-XX centuries to their native language changed. Contribute to the development of language and other language made by a group of people who come to live and work in America from Europe. They were Spaniards, Italians, Scandinavians and Germans, French and Russian. But the influence of other languages on formation of American English was not too strong, and it was reflected only in the lexicon of the language. With the development of American English was the basic principle laid down – to simplify the language.

Ordinary, simple people, left all the past behind, went to America in hope of finding happiness. And they needed a simple and affordable way of communicating, which would unite all nationalities. To date, English language, which talk to Americans, not as diverse as during the formation of the United States. American English is clearly regulated and is the main language of communication and has the status of state language. Enormous contribution to the formation of American English, introduced Noah Webster (born in 1758, died in 1843). He was a "founding father" of the language. He developed the majority of American standards of phonetics, spelling and vocabulary of the language taken today. In 1828 the world saw the "American Dictionary of the English Language", sponsored by Noah Webster. Vocabulary consisted of two volumes, the total number of articles in it was 70 000.

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