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Between Thinking And Acting

Between thinking and acting Old they affirmed: two types of men must be prevented as contagious disease, the politicians and the philosophers. At that time, also the poets were considered dangerous, exactly because the poets think. The Empires were constructed … Continue reading

Nogols Bizarros

For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR End of the Pantry of Egypt, 06.09.2011. Kima Aswan 0x4 Al Ahly. It was given that the player Amir Saioud, of the Al Ahly, obtained the feat to stumble at the hour to charge one … Continue reading

Cultural Patrimony

The advent of the globalization, that more than comes in approaching each time a world without borders, has allowed a bigger investment in the tourist sector, improving offers technique of the activity, propitiating the tourist democracy, what it provides to … Continue reading